Youth Program – 12 to 25 Years Old

Centre Francophone du Grand Toronto offers free and confidential orientation, and individual support services to newly arrived young Francophones and Francophiles who want to build a better future in Canada.

This program is a new initiative for young newcomers, supported by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, for young people between the ages of 12 and 25, regardless of their status in Canada. The program aims to develop a personal and / or professional integration plan requiring special long-term or temporary support within the framework of personalized support.

The goal is to establish a settlement plan adapted to the realities of the young newcomer to Canada and respond appropriately to their needs.

The youth will receive regular support services to facilitate their integration into their community and to improve their daily lives through these services:

  • Orientation
  • Back to school
  • Information about your community and host country
  • Access to services of Centre Francophone de Toronto (newcomers, employment, health, legal aid, etc.)
  • References to community organizations (social services, finding a school or returning to school, etc.)
  • Community support
  • Socio-professional integration, and
  • Emotional support

The worker will also work to prevent and avoid among young people:

  • Interruptions in integration plan or social dropout
  • Wandering, and
  • Addiction related to drug use

Activities are designed to meet all types of needs of young people:

  • Workshops in the community and in French-language schools
  • Summer camps or school break camps
  • Job search workshops, job fairs and career fairs
  • Skills-building activities (first aid training, etc.)
  • Volunteering or community activities, and
  • Various outings and movie nights

Contact us at (416) 203-1220 (ext. 403).

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