Enrolling in French-Language Schools

Did you make the decision to enroll your child in a French-language school in Ontario?  This decision may bring some challenges since your child may have evolved in a different school system.  Our resource team in the schools provide support to parents (and tutors) and students newly arrived in Toronto to facilitate integration in the school system.

Contact us at (416) 203-1220 (ext. 234).

The integration program is also offered in the Peel-Halton area.  You are looking for a French-language school or you wish to obtain information on the Ontario school system? The Peel-Halton integration team is there to provide advice and support.  Contact us at (647) 217-2672.

French-Language Schools

To register your in a French-language school at the pre-school, elementary or secondary level, near your residence, please contact either Conseil scolaire Viamonde or Conseil scolaire catholique centre-sud

Our integration team will support you in these areas:

  • Finding an elementary or secondary school
  • Initial registration
  • Introduction to school systems and Canadian culture for parents
  • Learning how to build relationships between students, parents (and tutors) and the school

Community Workshops

We offer free workshops to develop a better understanding of the Ontario school system.   Workshops will focus on:

  • Getting to know Canada better
  • Positive discipline
  • Bullying in schools
  • Community resources and after-school activities

Workshops in Schools

In cooperation with the Centre Francophone du Grand Toronto, elementary and secondary schools are pleased to offer activities for new students on health-related topics such as bullying, sexuality, smoking prevention, drugs, games and other addictions, nutrition, physical education and other topics.

Contact us at (416) 203-1220 (ext. 234). 

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