Nutrition and Diet

Centre francophone du Grand Toronto offers free nutrition and diet consulting services for people who want to improve their quality of life. Depending on their needs, nutritional and dietary specialists accompany people in the process of restoring a healthy diet.

Individual Consultations

During consultations Individuals, dietitians accompany you at various stages of your course.

A specialist will:

  • Evaluate your nutrition needs and provide you with a personalized plan of nutritional care that meets your needs
  • Respond to nutritional needs of people with special medical needs – including people who wish to lose weight)
  • Evaluate your progress and recommend changes, if necessary
  • Act as an advisor, with a personalized approach, to pregnant women
  • Organizes information and awareness-raising activities for various groups
  • Give information on other community resources
  • Offer of information on important topics such as Canada’s Food Guide, nutrition labeling.

Personalized food and nutrition services for babies and young children

Dietitians can also provide advice to moms about diet and

nutrition of babies and their young children:

  • Healthy diet for babies and toddlers
  • The model plate for a child from 2 to 5 years
  • Preparation of homemade purees
  • The introduction of solid foods for the baby, and
  • Group activities for young children

Social Activities

Dietitians have developed a series of social activities to assist people who wish to return to a healthy lifestyle. Consult our calendar of activities for more details.

Call us at (416) 922-2672 to meet a dietitian or get more information on our services.

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