HIV/AIDS Program

The program has a team of two case managers and has three main components:

  • Case management intervention for people living with HIV / AIDS
  • Support for people affected by or at risk of HIV / AIDS
  • Community education and outreach activities to prevent the transmission of HIV / AIDS and manage the disease and its related conditions.

Target population

The HIV / AIDS program provides free services to the Francophone population of Toronto living with HIV / AIDS, affected by the infection or at risk of contracting it. Our priority population is the Afro-Caribbean and black community, men who have sex with men and women at risk. Our services and activities are offered without regard to gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, culture, religion, beliefs or age.


  • Increase knowledge and awareness to prevent the transmission of HIV / AIDS among priority populations in Toronto
  • Improve access to services for people living with or affected by HIV / AIDS
  • Increase practice based on coordination and collaboration in the response to HIV / AIDS.

Case Management Intervention

HIV / AIDS caseworkers provide case management services and supports for HIV-positive clients. The overall goal is to support clients to optimize their wellness and independence, and promote prevention of HIV transmission.

Case managers accompany and assist people living with HIV / AIDS to navigate the medical and psychosocial services system on the one hand and provide regular assistance with life problems such as housing, income, legal representation, employment. On the other hand, they ensure:

  • Data collection and customer needs assessment
  • Development of a client-centered intervention plan
  • Planning services to meet the needs of the client
  • Orientation and navigation in services
  • Education on harm reduction and harm
  • The provision of support to the person and his close entourage, and
  • Developing collaborative relationships and coordinating HIV / AIDS services and other services for the client.

Support for those infected, affected or at risk of contracting HIV / AIDS

Support for people living with HIV / AIDS is offered to individuals and groups. Living with HIV / AIDS involves dealing with many emotional stresses and upheavals. Support groups are useful for meeting others who have experienced the same challenges and discussing with them, sharing educational and recreational activities to break isolation, and enhance one’s social well-being. Respect and confidentiality apply to all unconditionally at these meetings.

Support for those affected by HIV / AIDS or at risk of HIV / AIDS will also be available to individuals and groups, to help meet their needs and especially to prevent HIV / AIDS transmission, and as a caregiver.

Afro-Caribbean Focus Groups

Afro-Caribbean focus groups aim to create a privileged space and time for members of African and Caribbean communities. These meetings have the following objectives:

  • Sensitize and inform community members about issues related to HIV / AIDS
  • Create a discussion forum about news topics that have an impact on the life of the community, and
  • Educate and share new trends in health promotion and HIV / AIDS

Description of Activity:

  • Meetings take place every last Friday of the month, from 6 pm to 8 pm
  • Invitations are sent before each meeting by email or phone
  • Activity is limited to 25 participants, based on first come, first served
  • Participants discuss while having a meal, on issues related to diseases such as HIV / AIDS, sexual health, mental health, health promotion and other relevant topics
  • Transportation tokens are given to participants as needed at the end of the meeting

Respect and confidentiality are required for all participants. Please book your participation in advance.

Workshops in the community

The goal is to raise awareness and educate the French-speaking population on safe behavior, and reduction of harm and stigma. Staff lead workshops on various topics related to sexual health, HIV / AIDS, hepatitis C, risk behaviors, diversity and anti-oppression, homophobia, GIPA / MIPA, etc.

If you would like to organize a workshop in your community on HIV / AIDS awareness and information, send us your request and a counselor will assist you in developing an information session for your group.

Presentations can be held:

  • At the Centre Francophone de Toronto
  • In the community or at the site of community organizations, or
  • Toronto’s high schools, colleges and university campuses.

Proximity Service and Networking

  1. Registration for community events
  2. Information sessions and kiosks with production and distribution of educational documents
  3. Condom distribution
  4. Willingness to reach intended clientele in areas where clients are accustomed to receiving social support, community services or dating sites etc.
  5. Anonymous HIV testing (by appointment). In addition to testing, Centre Francophone du Grand Toronto offers support with risk assessment and counseling.

Call us at 416 922-2672 to make an appointment as soon as possible.

List of all HIV-AIDS services in French available in Toronto (click on image to enlarge):

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