Centre Francophone du Grand Toronto offers specialized support to people with diabetes. In Ontario, more than 800,000 people have diabetes and four in ten have serious complications when they have diabetes.

Frequently-asked questions

  • Will I be able to continue working?
  • Will my diabetes hurt my family?
  • Will anyone point me in my community if they learn that I am diabetic?
  • Will I have complications following diabetes?

Individual Consultations

The Dietitian and Diabetes Nurse at Centre Francophone du Grand Toronto support people living with type-2 diabetes by providing them with advice on:

  • Healthy food and nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Menu planning
  • Medication management
  • Foot care
  • Management of blood glucose, and
  • Insulin management

Information Workshops – Diabetes Action

Centre francophone du Grand Toronto also offers you the opportunity to participate for free, and in French, in the group Diabète Action, which is a group of information, exchange and support for people living with diabetes. The meetings are held three times a month and allow participants to follow up on their diabetes.

Also discover our brand-new diabetes kit for Afro-Caribbean communities by clicking on the following link:

Call us at 416 922-2672 to register for the Diabetes Action Group and / or to make an appointment with the program’s Registered Nurse and Dietitian.

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