Children with Special Needs

The child development program is offered to children with developmental challenges. Meetings with our professionals are confidential and offered by appointment.

Development of the child (0 – 5 years)

Every child is unique and thrives in an environment that promotes their development. The development program for children aged 0 to 5 accompanies them in the stages leading to their autonomy and helps parents who face challenges with their child’s development.

If you think your child is encountering development challenges, you can get support from a professional who will evaluate the child’s development on several levels:

  • His fine and global motor skills
  • His ability to socialize within a group
  • His autonomy
  • His understanding
  • His communication and his language
  • His sensory perception
  • It will provide you with:
  • Overall assessment of your child’s development
  • Coordination of required services and implementation of an action plan
  • Advice and support for the family
  • Home visits

Every child has his place (0 – 12 years in daycare)

Specialist professionals provide consistent support to assist with the integration of children who have special needs, in the City of Toronto daycares centers.

The support offered under this program includes:

  • Regular visits to daycare centers
  • Individual consultation
  • Consultation with educators for programming
  • Training and support on issues related to the specific needs of children
  • Environmental assessment and advice for his integration
  • Coordination of services and references


Call us at (416) 922-2672 (ext. 274) to inquire about the program or make an appointment with one of our presenters.

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